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Weekly Update (Apr 26): Path to Exile PRM, Vendilion Clique MM2

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Modern Masters Spoilers

We received another Modern Masters 2015 spoiler this week: Vendilion Clique!

Path to Exile FNM Promo

Finally, a Modern staple as an FNM Promo! Time to break out your A-game for FNM to score a Path to Exile Promo in July.

Playtest: Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck

How is the new Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck? Watch myself and SaffronOlive battle it out (against the FRF Clash Pack), and check out our brews with $5 worth of upgrades! Playtest: Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck

Budget Commander: Nicol Bolas

Tomer builds a Vorthos deck which turns its pilot into a moustache-twirling archvillain in Budget Commander: Nicol Bolas.

Glissa the Traitor Commander Primer

Ready to wreak havoc with THE Zombie Elf? Here's our Glissa, The Traitor Commander Primer

Modern Hulk Flash

Check out a competitive Modern combo deck that made waves at States. Modern Hulk Flash

Tournament Coverage

Articles Recap

Several great articles were published on MTGGoldfish this week:

#Trending Cards

The five most viewed cards on MTGGoldfish this past week were:
  1. Dragonlord Ojutai
  2. Deathmist Raptor
  3. Thunderbreak Regent
  4. Magmatic Chasm
  5. Narset Transcendent

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