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Free-To-Play Fish: Mono Red Dragon's Fire (Standard, Magic Arena)

Hey everyone, as you saw from our previous videos, our red card pool was pretty sweet! We had a deep Mono Red midrange pool so I decided to explore that! Rather than play your typical low to the ground Mono Red face melters we decided to make our deck a Mono Red Dargons and Dinosaurs and things actually went quite well. 

This is what we started with:

This is what we ended with:

This is what I'd like to end up with:

If you aren't trying to play a ton of dragons and whatnot and have the cardpool for it, this is the Infamous Red Deck Face Melters game plan that you can build towards and be hyper aggressive. You don't have to build the sideboard as everything is mostly built for Best of One, but this list is an exact export from my Arena account and I love Act of Treason as it helps us steal Lyras and other giant threats for what could be a game winning blow.


As always, 
thanks for watching and support!

- Your Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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