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Budget Arena: Golgari Midrange - 10 Rare, 3 Mythic (Standard, Magic Arena)

Welcome back to another episode of Budget Arena!!! This week we're playing Golgari midrange in the best of one format! 


$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

The package of Wildgrowth Walker and explore creatures was often good enough to get the win as most aggro decks have an issue with dealing with it outside of a few cards. The gaining of 3 life just makes it brutal when combined with cards like Jadelight Ranger. Vivien Reid is a card I wish I had more of as it does everything we need. It's able to help us refuel and the minus is so relevant right now. Who would've known all it took was rotation for Vivien to take over? 

What I'd be building towards: 


Golgari is still one of my more enjoyed midrange decks as the explore package helps us dig through the deck. The deck definitely could use the Overgrown Tomb in the deck as the guildgate did delay us from playing our Llanowar Elves on turn one at times but we need the double black and double green mana. Golgari Findbroker and Find // Finality will help us stay in the game with more threats. Definitely look to adding more Vivien Reid and maybe a third Carnage Tyrant. Overall, the deck is very powerful and super grindy. If that is what you like, this is definitely your style of deck!

See you all at the next one!
- TheAsianAvenger

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