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Budget Arena: Selesnya Tokens 5 Mythics, 11 Rares (Standard, Magic Arena)

Welcome back friends! 

This week's episode of Budget Arena is going to revolve around the Selesnya Tokens deck. It took quite a bit of playtesting to get this list right as this deck is normally very heavy on Rares and Mythics but I like where I was able to get the deck. We pretty much cut the Mythics/Rares down by almost half!

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

For me these were the cards I always wanted in any matchup. Adanto Vanguard is such a solid threat as it requires specific answers. Vanguard doesn't feel great against one deck and that deck is Red Deck Wins. If you watched the video, you'll see how many times Legion's Landing carried us so that card is a huge player in our gameplan of going wide. On the topic of going wide, Venerated Loxodon pumps all of our tokens and leaves us with a 4/4 body. Loxodon can come down on as early as turn three as it has convoke which is extremely convenient.


Final Form

There's a discussion to maybe even add Thorn Lieutenant into this deck, but since I didn't get to test it enough, I'll just leave it up as an honorable mention. 



The deck does very well against the mono white decks because it goes way too wide for the mono white deck and the fact that we have our own Legion's Landing to go toe to toe with theirs, we can continue to trade resources except we have cards like Trostani Discordant and March of the Multitudes. Unfortunately the game plan of this deck is to play into board wipes so there's a tightrope we walk on as we figure out how much we want to commit to the board against control decks. Oh, and make sure Wildgrowth Walker doesn't stay around for too long. That card is bonkers. 

I'm off to the Selesnyan Arcades now that I've got all of these tokens.... *ba dum tss*

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