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Free-To-Play Fish: Mono-Blue Arcane Inventions (Standard, Magic Arena)

This week on Free-To-Play Fish we try to grind with our weakest color(but my favorite color) in our card pool... Blue! Will our artifacts and Djinns be enough?

What We Started With

What We Ended With

Where I'd Like the Deck to Go

In the end, we didn't get to soar high into the skies with the Arcane Inventions. I personally would recommend dropping the artifact theme in the deck. There aren't enough sweet artifacts to make it worth while. I would just build towards the Mono-Blue Tempo deck as it costs next to nothing on paper and only uses four Rare Wildcards in MTG Arena. I'll be back next week with some more F2P Fish action.

As always, thanks for watching and support!

- Your Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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