Cognitive Bias in MTG Finance: Save Yourself from Your Mind

Nov 21 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive applies psychology to MTG finance by discussing a few common cognitive biases that are eating into your profits.


GP New Jersey Post Mortem: This Time It's Contained

Nov 20 // by Josh Kaufman

Josh re-examines last weeks eerily correct GP New Jersey primer, the breakout cards of the event, and a once dominant deck.

evolution of magic

Evolution of Magic: White Ball Lightning and the keyword that did nothing

Nov 19 // by Filobel

Filobel is back with the story of Waylay, a card known at one point as the White Ball Lightning.


Upgrading C14 Black: My Dearest Gisa

Nov 18 // by Ricardo Segundo

Ricardo goes over some upgrade paths for your Commander 2014 black deck Sworn to Darkness


Grand Prix New Jersey Legacy Top 8 Decklists

Nov 17 // by mtggoldfish

Top 8 Legacy decklists with prices from Grand Prix New Jersey.

weekly update

Weekly Update 2014-11-16

Nov 17 // by mtggoldfish

Summary of MTG news for this week: Vintage Championships, Holiday Gift Box, Jeskai Stoneblade


Budget Brewing: Cheap Answers to Cruise and Dig in Modern

Nov 17 // by Cooper Livingston

Cooper talks about the delve bandwagon and how budget brewers can fight mischief with mischief.

banned and restricted

Evolution of Magic: The Roller Coaster called Time Vault

Nov 16 // by Filobel

Filobel takes a look at the storied history of Time Vault and how power level errata can go wrong.


Spread 'Em: Understanding the Spread in Standard and Modern

Nov 15 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive discusses everything about the difference between vendor buy/sell prices, with the help of oodles of stats and numbers.


The GP New Jersey Legacy Primer

Nov 14 // by Josh Kaufman

Pro Tour regular Josh Kaufman is looking forward to GP: NJ. See what deck he'll be playing and the surprise deck of the weekend.


Upgrading C14 White: Swords and Cats

Nov 13 // by Ricardo Segundo

Ricardo goes over some upgrades for your Commander 2014 Forged in Stone white deck.

evolution of magic

Evolution of Magic: Banned and Restricted List

Nov 12 // by Filobel

Filobel goes over the storied history of Magic's Banned and Restricted list.


Through the Lens of Khans

Nov 11 // by Gregg Taliercio

MTGO limited grinder Gregg Taliercio is back again to discuss some fundamentals he's had to relearn, again.

weekly update

Weekly Update 2014-11-09

Nov 10 // by mtggoldfish

Summary of MTG news for this week: C14 Release, Holiday Gift Guide, Modern Battle of Wits


A Financial Review of: Introduction and Mirrodin Block

Nov 09 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive looks to the past with a review of Mirrodin block in Part One of his "A Financial Review of:" series.


Winning at KTK Limited: Manabase Design

Nov 07 // by Aiban Quaid

Join Aiban in the "Winning at KTK Limited" series with the first chapter dedicated to the base of every deck: The Mana Base.

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