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commander clash

Commander Clash S8 E6: Ikoria Week w/ Wedge | Chevill vs. Gyruda vs. Nethroi vs. Winota

May 30 // by Tomer Abramovici

Wedge joins us for Ikoria Week, where each of us build decks around one of the sweet new commanders from the set!

commander quickie

Hedron Archive Is Terrible And You're Terrible If You Play It | Commander Quickie

May 28 // by Tomer Abramovici

Hello, my name is Tomer and I really hate Hedron Archive. Here's why.

commander clash

Commander Clash S8 E5: Companion Week w/ Joseph Schultz (EDHREC) | Keruga vs. Lurrus vs. Obosh vs. Zirda

May 23 // by Tomer Abramovici

How busted are companions in Commander? The Goldfish Crew enlists the help of EDHREC's Joseph Schultz to find out!

budget commander

Symbiotic Swarm (Abzan Graveyard Keywords) Commander 2020 Precon Upgrade | $20, $200 | Budget Commander

May 22 // by Tomer Abramovici

Tune Symbiotic Swarm into a tuned, powerful Keyword Soup deck fueled by the graveyard!

commander clash

Commander Clash S8 E4: Cosplay Week w/ Olivia Gobert-Hicks | Atraxa vs. Breya vs. Etrata vs. Marchesa

May 16 // by Tomer Abramovici

The crew builds decks around Olivia's cosplays!

budget commander

Enhanced Evolution (Sultai Mutate) Commander 2020 Precon Upgrade | $20, $200 | Budget Commander

May 13 // by Tomer Abramovici

Tomer shows you how to tune Enhanced Evolution into a focused, powerful Mutate deck that fixes the precon's weaknesses while building upon its strengths!

commander clash

Commander Clash S8 E3: 4C Week w/ Riley Knight | Kynaios & Tiro vs. Ishai & Vial Smasher vs. Silas & Sidar vs. Yidris

May 09 // by Tomer Abramovici

Riley Knight joins us for a game of 4C Commander! Bonus Crim action!

commander clash

Commander Clash S8 E2: CEDH w/ Play To Win | Flash Hulk vs. Curious Control vs. Urza Paradox Scepter vs. Opus Thief

May 02 // by Tomer Abramovici

Play To Win's Dylan and Cameron join us for a game of top-tier CEDH! The highest power decks with the highest power punts!

budget commander

Ruthless Regiment (Mardu Human Aristocrats) C20 Precon Upgrade | $20, $200 | Budget Commander

May 01 // by Tomer Abramovici

Turn Ruthless Regiment into a powerful, focused Human Aristocrats deck with just $20 or $200 worth of upgrades!

budget commander

Arcane Maelstrom (Temur Spellslinger) C20 Precon Upgrade | $20, $200 | Budget Commander

Apr 28 // by Tomer Abramovici

Turn Arcane Maelstrom into a tuned powerhouse Spellslinger deck with a few easy swaps!

commander clash

Commander Clash S8 E1: Commander Classic w/ The Professor from Tolarian Community College | Brigid vs. Kethis vs. Radha vs. Rielle

Apr 25 // by Tomer Abramovici

The Professor schools the Goldfish crew in a game of Commander Classic!

budget commander

Budget Commander: $20 Timeless Wisdom (Jeskai Cycling) Commander 2020 Precon Upgrade

Apr 21 // by Tomer Abramovici

Turn the "Timeless Wisdom" into a powerful, focused Cycling deck with only $20 worth up upgrades!

commander clash

Commander Clash LIVE! | Crim Week | Alela vs. Nicol Bolas vs. Mirko Vosk vs. Sol'kanar

Apr 18 // by Tomer Abramovici

Did you miss our bonus episode live on Twitch? Well fret not, because we recorded the game and have it here for you!

commander review

Commander Review: Commander 2020 | Part 2 | Red, Green, Multicolor, Colorless, Lands

Apr 15 // by Tomer Abramovici

We finish our Commander 2020 review with Part 2: Red, Green, Multicolor, Colorless, and Lands!

commander review

Commander Review: Commander 2020 | Part 1 | White, Blue, Black

Apr 11 // by Tomer Abramovici

We kick off our review of all the new C20 cards with Part 1: White, Blue, Black, the "free with commander" cycle, and the impetus cycle!

commander 2020

"Ruthless Regiment" Full Decklist Reveal | Exclusive Commander 2020 Preview

Apr 06 // by Tomer Abramovici

We get to reveal the full decklist of the upcoming Commander 2020 precon, "Ruthless Regiment"! Seth and Tomer talk about the deck, what it does, and who should buy it!


Kelsien, the Plague & Shiny Impetus | Exclusive Commander 2020 Preview

Apr 04 // by Tomer Abramovici

Check out our exclusive C20 preview cards: Kelsien, the Plague & Shiny Impetus!

budget commander

Kethis's Legendary Brews | $50, $100 | Budget Commander

Apr 01 // by Tomer Abramovici

We show how to build Legendary Tribal as a powerful grindy Control deck or an explosive all-in Combo deck in this 2-for-1 article!

budget commander

Volrath's Bag of Tricks | $50, $100, $200 | Budget Commander

Mar 18 // by Tomer Abramovici

This weird Counter Combo brew is full of weird janky cards that somehow win games! Check it out!

commander clash

Commander Clash S7 E26: Season Finale! Andrew Week | Gyrus vs. Trostani vs. Vaevictis vs. Xira

Mar 14 // by Tomer Abramovici

Our Season Finale goes out with a bang with Andrew Week! Jund, white border cards, and plenty of Generic Goblin Noises!

commander quickie

The Power of a Deckbuilding Checklist | Commander Quickie

Mar 11 // by Tomer Abramovici

Use a deckbuilding checklist to assist in your next deck brew and identify ways you can improve existing decks!

commander clash

Commander Clash S7 E25: Budget Commander | Oona vs. Pramikon vs. Seizan vs. Siona

Mar 07 // by Tomer Abramovici

The crew build decks with only a $50 budget!

budget commander

$50 Sea Monster Tribal | Budget Commander

Mar 06 // by Tomer Abramovici

Unleash the Kraken, Leviathan, Serpent, and Octopus with this Sea Monster Tribal deck led by Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle!

commander clash

Commander Clash S7 E24: Battle of the Bands | Ghost vs. Muse vs. My Chemical Romance vs. Ween

Feb 29 // by Tomer Abramovici

The crew build decks around a specific band, filling the deck with flavorful references!

commander quickie

10 Budget Alternatives To Cyclonic Rift | Commander Quickie

Feb 26 // by Tomer Abramovici

Cyclonic Rift may be the best Blue board wipe, but it's not the only one! Tomer goes over the best budget alternatives to this pricey Blue staple!

commander clash

Commander Clash S7 E23: Anything Goes | Daxos vs. Golos vs. Karona vs. Thraximundar

Feb 22 // by Tomer Abramovici

The crew brings whatever they feel like playing this week for Anything Goes!

budget commander

Nuke Everything With Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded! | Budget Commander | $50, $100, $200

Feb 21 // by Tomer Abramovici

Pick up a huge beater, throw it at your opponents, then do it again until victory is achieved! Let Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded show you the way!

commander quickie

Commander Quickie: Top 10 Theros Beyond Death Cards Under $1

Feb 16 // by Tomer Abramovici

Tomer goes over the sweetest Theros Beyond Death commander pickups currently under a buck!

commander clash

Commander Clash S7 E22: Theros Beyond Death Finale! | Dalakos vs. Gallia vs. Kunoros vs. Siona

Feb 15 // by Tomer Abramovici

Our final Theros Beyond Death episode pits some Aggro decks looking to party vs. one good boi complaining about the loud music! Who will win?

budget commander

Budget Commander: Edric, Spymaster of Trest | Aggro Tempo | $30, $300 | Update

Feb 14 // by Tomer Abramovici

This Valentine's Day, Tomer has decided to renew his vows with this one true love: card draw, also known as Edric, Spymaster of Trest!