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fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Mono White Bogles (Standard)

May 22 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger takes out the new hotness in Mono White Bogles that is also extremely budget friendly!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Lurrus Control (Standard)

May 15 // by TheAsianAvenger

We've seen Lurrus do lots of things in other formats but what about Lurrus and Grixis Control in standard? Well, TheAsianAvenger has got you covered as he takes his build of the deck out for a spin!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Umori's Mutants (Standard)

May 08 // by TheAsianAvenger

Mutants and mutators alike, come watch as TheAsianAvenger plays a lesser played companion in Umori, The Collector

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Hero of Naya (Standard)

May 01 // by TheAsianAvenger

Remember Hero of Precinct One? Well, TheAsianAvenger is on a quest to find a playable deck with everyone's favorite multicolored payoff and he's starting with a not so popular variant in Naya!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Yorion Foretold (Standard)

Apr 24 // by TheAsianAvenger

80 cards might be the new normal with Yorion, so TheAsianAvenger checks out another Yorion variant - Indatha (Abzan) Doom Foretold!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Is It Even Grixis?

Apr 19 // by TheAsianAvenger

Gyruda, Doom of Depths really enforces the "Don't get mad, get even" saying.

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Esper Bolas

Apr 12 // by TheAsianAvenger

Is a four-color deck too greedy for standard's meta right now? Probably, but that won't stop TheAsianAvenger from fusing his two favorite wedges in Magic together!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Rakdos N' Chill (Standard, Magic Arena)

Mar 13 // by TheAsianAvenger

Its time to try a more 'Chill' variant of Rakdos

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Jeskai Blink (Standard, Magic Arena)

Feb 21 // by TheAsianAvenger

"Don't blink or you might miss..." wait a minute, nevermind! Blink a lot. Blink all the things. Let's see if Jeskai Blink can steal some games!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Grixis Midrange (Standard, Magic Arena)

Feb 12 // by TheAsianAvenger

Can the dream team of Lazav, Kroxa, Nicol Bolas, and Ashiok keep up with Standard? Lets find out!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Abzan Foretold (Standard, Magic Arena)

Feb 07 // by TheAsianAvenger

Can Calix, Destiny's Hand help boost this enchantment deck to a 5-win league?!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Bant Bogles (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jan 24 // by TheAsianAvenger

Thanks to Theros: Beyond Death, the idea of a standard bogles style of deck is possible!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: 5C Binder Fires (Standard, Magic Arena)

Dec 20 // by TheAsianAvenger

Why not play all the cards when you've got Niv-Mizzet reborn helping out?

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Azorius Control (Standard, Magic Arena)

Dec 13 // by TheAsianAvenger

Azorius Control might be able to help with the current state of the meta!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Abzan Wolves (Standard, Magic Arena)

Nov 29 // by TheAsianAvenger

Woof Woof Woof Woof Awooo (Its a wolf deck)

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Hydras! (Standard, Magic Arena)

Nov 22 // by TheAsianAvenger

New standard? Sounds like a perfect time for Hydras everywhere!!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Esper Control (Standard, Magic Arena)

Nov 20 // by TheAsianAvenger

Its time for some good old fashion Esper Control!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Grixis Amass (Standard, Magic Arena)

Nov 15 // by TheAsianAvenger

Wondered what the Grixis Amass deck looks like from Mythic Championship 6? Well, TheAsianAvenger took it for a spin!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Orzhov Foretold (Standard, Magic Arena)

Nov 02 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger attempts to be a doom bringer with a grindy Orzhov deck!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Grixis Adventures (Standard, Magic Arena)

Oct 27 // by TheAsianAvenger

Grab your Bolas horns as we're going on an Adventure!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Bant Fancies (Standard, Magic Arena)

Oct 18 // by TheAsianAvenger

Want to play counterspells and mill your opponents? TheAsianAvenger tries to do just that with Folio of Fancies!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Temur Midrange (Standard, Magic Arena)

Oct 13 // by TheAsianAvenger

There's so much power in the three-drop currently so lets see if we can take advantage of that by ramping them out even earlier!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Izzet Double Draw (Standard, Magic Arena)

Oct 06 // by TheAsianAvenger

Why not get rewarded for doing what we love like drawing cards?!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Sultai Varok (Standard, Magic Arena)

Sep 22 // by TheAsianAvenger

Let's see if a team-up between Vannifar and Yarok can create a midrange machine!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Mono Black Discard (Standard, Magic Arena)

Sep 18 // by TheAsianAvenger

Which card? Dis-card !! TheAsianAvenger tries to update his best of one list into a best of three version of Mono Black Discard.

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Sultai Flash Ghazi (Standard, Magic Arena)

Aug 30 // by TheAsianAvenger

Its time to awaken the inner power of flash decks!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Sultai Control (Standard, Magic Arena)

Aug 23 // by TheAsianAvenger

How does control work without Teferi? Let's find out!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Ral Combo (Standard, Magic Arena)

Aug 16 // by TheAsianAvenger

Remember Ral Storm? We sure do!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Angels and Dargons! (Standard, Magic Arena)

Aug 09 // by TheAsianAvenger

Kaalia, Zenith Seeker is looking for more friends to bring to the value party!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Jeskai Hero (Standard, Magic Arena)

Aug 02 // by TheAsianAvenger

How does the Jeskai variant of Hero of Precinct One hold up? Let's take it for a spin!