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Pioneer Peak: Revenge of the Jeskai (Pioneer, Magic Online)

A few of you have been recommending Jeskai Fires decks for Pioneer and awhile back I ran a list to a 3-2 finish but I think enough time has passed to bring the deck back with a few updates! 

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The deck aims to flood the board with planeswalkers and control the board. 

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We're pretty much a tap out control deck and Fires of Invention allows us to be extremely efficient with our turns as we don't have to use our mana, but we are limited to two spells a turn and only on our turn. The biggest drawback for this deck was that Smugglers Copter and Mutavault were running around everywhere the last time we tried this deck, but with those cards on a decline, this deck definitely has legs to compete as we've now added Gideon of the Trials to help us against Dimir Inverter.

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Thanks to Fae of Wishes we don't really need to sideboard too much as our sideboard is our toolbox. Because of this, we can't load our sideboard up with a ton of creatures but its okay because we have tons of sweet spells. The other change I've made since the last time we played the deck was the fact that I moved Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God to the sideboard as it turns out........ it was a pretty greedy inclusion. Speaking of greedy, I actually really enjoy the inclusion of a Days Undoing in the sideboard as often times people will let Narset, Parter of Veils sit on board and we can really punish them for this. 




The deck went 3-2 so we ended with the same record as last time but I did enjoy the changes as it made the deck actually function without Fires of Invention. The only issue was how often we'd be flooded or screwed on lands. That's the nature of the beast when we don't play cards like Opt to smooth our draws out but that's the way it goes sometimes! I think something I'd like to do moving forward is add The Elderspell in decks that can cast it due to the amount of Mono-Green superfriends. I also think a sideboard Gideon of the Trials could be pretty clutch as it can really be the difference between winning and losing to the Inverter decks. Here's an updated list with the minor tweaks!

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As always, thanks for watching! See ya at the next one.

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