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Pioneer Peak: Monastery Entities

Stormwing Entity has arrived in Pioneer and I do love cards that reward a "spells matter" archetype. I also enjoy playing with Monastery Mentor so I thought I could try to bring the Mentor into the current Pioneer meta. Last time we saw Mentor, it was in a Mardu deck, but with all the new spells and our new bird friend, let's take a look at Esper!

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Our deck revolves around a ton of cheap spells as that will allow us to generate an army off of our Monastery Mentor. When Mentor was popular in Pioneer, it was played with Young Pyromancer and a bunch spells like Thoughtseize, but now we have a reason to add blue!

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Though this doesn't generate us tokens like Young Pyromancer does, it does give us a cheap big bird that can get big pretty quickly. A card like this pairs well with Fatal Push, Opt, and all of our cheap spells, which is why I think Esper is the better color combo than something like Jeskai. Although we lose out on burn spells since we drop red, we get hard removal and discard while also being able to play some counterspells like Mystical Dispute and Neutralize, which can protect our threats. In Pioneer, most removal will have a hard time with our big elemental bird. As the mana cost puts it out of range of a revolt Fatal Push and Eliminate so this will usually stick.



The deck finished with a record of 2-3 with a few issues being apparent. First, there was an error with the pilot aka me as I accidentally skipped through phases from pressing F6 too fast LOL. The other issue was if a deck was able to grind us out of spells, we didn't have a cheap way to refill our hand. Something I'd like to try is removing the counterspells and board wipe from the maindeck and put it into the sideboard. This can give us room to add more cheap spells that can help us refill our hand. The current spell I'm looking at is Frantic Inventory.

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Another thing I'd like to try is Arguel's Blood Fast. A card like this can help us outgrind and outlast control decks and so forth. Definitely let me know if you know of other cards we can use as I'd love to make this deck work in Pioneer!

As always, thanks for tuning in!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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