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Pioneer Peak: Jund Pact (Pioneer, Magic Online)

Demonic Pact has always been a fun card as its amazing to play and even better when you ship it off to an opponent after you've reaped all of the benefits....

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The deck plays exactly like a midrange deck but with a cute interaction or "combo" if you'd like to call it that.

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Demonic Pact has three modes that are extremely beneficial as the card itself gives us a way to have reach or removal while also providing some lifegain. Once we've spent our cards, we can draw two or attack our opponent's hand by forcing discard. The flexibility of this card makes it useful in almost all matches and definitely worth the build around. Once we're all done attaining all of the upside, we gift the opponents Demonic Pact where they will only have one mode to pick. That mode will usually be "Lose the Game". What do we do if we can't gift the pact off?

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When things go south and we can't execute plan A, which is to gift the Demonic Pact, we heavily rely on our Vraska tribal gameplan of destroying the pact.  What's nice about this is that Vraska, Golgari Queen helps us sacrifice the enchantment while also netting us some life and drawing us a card which is amazing. The other Vraskas serve the same purpose but could also be removal for other things like opposing planeswalkers. 

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A card that really helps us with consistency when our deck is loaded with silver bullets is Dark Petition. Being able to tutor for whatever card is needed in a specific situation is amazing. This is even better when you're rewarded with three black mana if you have spell mastery as this means you don't have to spend your whole turn to tutor, you can even cast the spell immediately after. It also doesn't hurt that this card is quite flavorful with the whole deck!


The deck finished with a record of 3-2 as Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger was just too hungry but the deck was a blast all the way to the end of the league. The deck's biggest flaw is that it doesn't have many ways to exile permanents on board so maybe we can find room for a singleton Vraska's Contempt. The deck is loaded with Vraskas anyway! Another thing that concerns me is how little we have ways to deal with boards that go wide real fast. We were lucky to not get paired against a knights deck but it is definitely worth it to go up to 2 board sweepers in the main deck. I'd probably have a split between a single Languish and a Ritual of Soot. Lastly, I'd really like more ways to sacrifice our pact or gift our pact if possible. 

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Take this list out for a spin in a few leagues or at your LGS as the deck is so much fun to play and is powerful enough to get us those W's!

As always, thanks for watching my content and I'll see you all at the next one!

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