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Oath of the Gatewatch Instant-Speed Tricks

This is a list of all the instant-speed tricks in Oath of the Gatewatch. The first table has the spell names while the second one has approximate spell descriptions (for the initial period after the release of the new set, when the card names may still be still unfamiliar). Note that, for the sake of brevity, the latter table may not fully represent all uses of the spell and often leaves out certain details.

Both tables categorize tricks by converted mana cost, color, and rarity. Unless specified otherwise, colored spell have one colored mana in their mana cost with the rest being generic mana, so a 3-mana white spell with no explicit cost listed has a mana cost of 2W. I also specify mana costs if the spell has X in its mana cost or is multicolored. Spells in bold can leave a creature in play permanently, e.g., flash creatures, spells that create token creatures, or spells that allow you to cast creatures at instant speed. A light gray background indicates that a spell has devoid.

Oath of the Gatewatch 1cc 2cc 3cc 4cc
Colorless (2) uncommon   1◇: Spatial Contortion    
      1◇: Warping Wail    
White (5) common Searing Light Dazzling Reflection    
      Mighty Leap    
  uncommon   Immolating Glare Make a Stand  
Blue (13) common   Negate +surge: Comparative Analysis Comparative Analysis
        Abstruse Interference  
        Sweep Away  
  uncommon Gift of Tusks +surge: Grip of the Roil Grip of the Roil Unity of Purpose
        1UU: Void Shatter  
  rare   UU+surge: Overwhelming Denial   2UU: Overwhelming Denial
      Dimensional Infiltrator    
Black (4) common Unnatural Endurance Corpse Churn Tar Snare  
  uncommon   BB: Grasp of Darkness    
Red (8) common Expedite Reality Hemorrhage   Consuming Sinkhole
      Brute Strength    
  uncommon   Tears of Valakut    
  rare   XR+surge: Fall of the Titans XXR: Fall of the Titans  
  mythic     Kozilek's Return  
Green (6) common Natural State Elemental Uprising Pulse of Murasa  
    Vines of the Recluse Lead by Example    
  rare     Vile Redeemer  
Multicolor (1) uncommon     1GU: Void Grafter  


Oath of the Gatewatch Expanded Tricks

Oath of the Gatewatch 1cc 2cc 3cc 4cc
Colorless (2) uncommon   1◇: +3/-3    
      1◇: exile P <= 1 or T <= 1, or counter S, or 1/1    
White (5) common destroy attkr/blkr with P <= 2 gain P; prevent dmg from that C    
      +2/+2 & flying    
  uncommon   destroy attkr your Cs get +1/+0 and indestructible  
Blue (13) common   counter non-C +surge: target P draws 2 target P draws 2
        1/1 & counter unless controller pays 1  
        bounce C, or bounce attkr to library  
  uncommon C loses all abilities and becomes base 3/3 +surge: freeze C & draw 1 freeze C & draw 1 support 2 & untap your Cs that have a +1/+1 counter
        1UU: counter  
  rare   UU+surge: uncounterable; counter   2UU: uncounterable; counter
      2/1 flyer w/ "1◇: opp exiles top card of library; if it is a L, bounce ~"    
Black (4) common +2/+0 & regen mill 3 from your library, then raise C -3/-2  
  uncommon   BB: -4/-4    
Red (8) common C gains haste & draw 1 2 dmg   exile land C, or 4 dmg to P
      +3/+1 & trample    
  uncommon   uncounterable; 5 dmg to flyer    
  rare   XR+surge: X dmg to each of up to 2 C/P XXR: X dmg to each of up to 2 C/P  
  mythic     2 dmg to each C; when you cast Eldrazi C with CMC >= 7, exile ~ from GY and deal 5 dmg to each C  
Green (6) common destroy A/E with CMC <= 3 your land becomes 4/4 w/ haste & must be blocked raise C/L & gain 6  
    untap & +1/+2 & reach support 2    
  rare     3/3; when you cast ~, you may pay ◇ to get a 1/1 for each of your nontoken Cs that died this turn  
Multicolor (1) uncommon     1GU: 2/4; ETB: another C you control gains hexproof  

Here's how to interpret the table:

  • Abbreviations used: ~ (this card), A (artifact), attkr (attacker), blkr (blocker), bounce (return to owner's hand), C (creature), CMC (converted mana cost), counter when used as a verb (counter a spell), dmg (damage), draw X (draw X cards), E (enchantment), ETB (enters the battlefield), flyer (creature with flying), freeze X (tap X and it doesn't untap next turn), gain X (gain X life), GY (graveyard), L (land), mill (put cards from a library into a graveyard), opp (opponent), opp's X (X controlled by opponent), P (player or power, depending on context), raise (return card from your graveyard to your hand), regen (regenerate), S (sorcery), T (toughness), your X (X you control).
  • Spells that confer an effect (+X/+Y, -X/-Y, hexproof, etc.) last until end of turn unless specified otherwise.
  • Spells can target any legal permanent or player unless otherwise specified, e.g., X dmg without any qualifiers means that the spell does X damage to any creature or player.

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