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Fish Five-0: Abzan Foretold (Standard, Magic Arena)

This week on Fish Five-0 we've got an enchanting deck with a planeswalker I feel has been a little underrated. That planeswalker is Calix, Destiny's Hand!

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All throughout Eldraine, we saw an Esper stacks deck running around but using Dance of the Manse to win. This time we're dropping blue *Gasp* and trying out Abzan instead. We're still looking to slowly grind our opponents out with Doom Foretold and a bunch of our value enchantments but thanks to #MTGTHB we got a sort of slow loop in Calix, Destiny's Hand!

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The main reason I added green was to get some cute value with Calix, Destiny's Hand using his -7 and then relying on Elspeth Conquers Death to bring back Calix and then repeat. Another fun thing we can do is bring back Garruk, Cursed Huntsman and then immediately -6 to get that sweet emblem. We also have some sweet targets to dig up with Calix thanks to #MTGTHB...

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Treacherous Blessing is a way for us to reload and fight the late game. The cost of 1 life per spell is normally a lot but luckily we've got Doom Foretold, Vraska, Golgari Queen, and a ton of other ways to get rid of the card so I'm giving in to my greed! 


The deck was able to go 5-1 and was pretty fun but definitely needs some retooling. I think the deck can definitely use more Enchantments. I'd like to get the enchantment count up to about 19 to 20. We'll probably have to go down a few planeswalkers. I'd also like to add a few Banishing Light as its nice to have something to dig for that can answer a problematic nonland permanent! The sideboard, however, will need some help as Mono red has resurfaced and proven to be quite efficient so maybe we'll need a few copies of Cry of the Carnarium.

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After all the mentioned updates, a fun list to mess around with will resemble something like the list above!

The meta seems heavily Simic Ramp/Flash , Mono Red, and Azorius Control. Definitely tune into the stream to see me play and work on this deck live!  Also, next week I'll be looking to play some viewer-submitted lists so reach out to me on any of the platforms mentioned below.

If you ever have a deck you want to be made into a video feel free to leave a like, comment, Email, and subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel 

-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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