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Sphinx's Revelation #3: Flashbacks Over Innistrad

Greetings fellow Magicians! Thank you to everyone who submitted solutions to Sphinx's Revelation #2. The official solution is as follows:

Hard cast Bane of Bala Ged, then cast Roil Spout targeting Bane to put it on top of our library. Move to combat and reveal Bane with Deceiver of Form. Have the other creatures become copies of Bane and move to attack with everything. That means four Bane triggers and our opponent has to exile 8 of 10 cards. At most the opponent can block two of our 5 creatures and we get at three creatures through with at least 7 power each for lethal.

Now on to this weeks puzzle! In anticipation of the new set release of Shadows Over Innistrad, let's return to the gothic horror plane for some fun-filled puzzle solving.

The Situation

We're competing in a Flashback Innistrad Sealed tournament and have been putting up good results. The only problem is that we're in Turn 4 of the Finals (doesn't sound like much of a problem...) after going to time. 

Match Recap After Time

During Turn 2, we cast Night Terrors and had to choose between two cards: Burn at the Stake and Kessig Malcontents. We chose Burn at the Stake to be exiled. On Turn 3, our opponent decided to tap to keep Fettergeist in play, then drew and played a land in order to attach Butcher's Cleaver to Insectile Aberration. No spells were cast during Turn 3.

We enter stage left at the beginning of our upkeep of Turn 4. In response to the Descendants' Path and Scorned Villager triggers going on the stack (in that order), our opponent activated Captain of the Mists to tap down Fiend of the Shadows. Priority has returned to us. 

If we don’t win now there’s a good chance we will draw, or worse, lose! Can we win this turn?

*The cards remaining in either players' library will have no effect on the outcome i.e. the puzzle can be solved with exactly the given information. 

(click to enlarge)

Flashback Innistrad Puzzle


The opponent is at 24 life. They have one card in hand and are tapped out. Assume that they will be unable to cast any spells nor activate any abilities in response to your actions. They have the following cards in play:


We are at 7 life and have the following cards in play:

the following cards in hand:

and the following cards in graveyard

Good Luck!

Feel free to post solutions in the comment section and discuss any ways to improve/poke holes. I will post the solution in the next episode of Sphinx's Revelation. You can also ask for hints by emailing Jordan at 

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