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Sphinx's Revelation #10: Time Delay

Welcome back puzzlers! The theme of this week's article is time. As always, for the solution to last week's puzzle, Conversion Factors, scroll to the bottom.

Today your opponent is Danny. The two of you, nostalgic over Magic history, have been battling it out in a Time Spiral block constructed match. Danny is playing a UW control deck, focused on killing you with The Rack. You are playing in magical christmasland with the jankiest of brews, based around Barren Glory. It looked like Danny was about to win, but you were able to resolve Wheel of Fate to fill your hand with the gas. You just started your untap stepDefeat Danny before the end of your turn! There's multiple ways to beat this puzzle, can you find them all?

The Puzzle

(click to enlarge)

Opponent: Danny

Danny is at 17 life and hellbent, with no relevant cards in his graveyard. On board he has:


You are at 1 life, during your untap phase. During your previous turn you scryed a Swamp to the top of your library. On board you have:

the following cards in hand:

and the following cards suspended in exile:


Post any solutions you come up with in the comments section and be sure to check back soon for the next puzzle! Remember, you can reach Jordan via Twitter, @adjunctmagician and email,


Sphinx's Revelation #9: Conversion Factors Solution

There were several viable solutions to last week's puzzle. I recommend reading through the comments to see them all. There are several viable lines (variations in order, attacking with the remaining creatures, etc), here is the one I had in mind:

  1. Tap all lands. 3W, R, B, C floating. 
  2. Cast Vault Skirge, use C and pay 2 life (you are 17). Vault Skirge goes on stack. 3W, R, B floating. 
    • Transcendence triggers and goes on stack (when it resolves you gain 4 life). 
  3. In response, cast Price of Progress for RW. 2W, B, floating. 
    • Young Pyromancer trigger goes on stack. Resolves, you get 1 token.
    • Price of progress resolves, you take 2 damage (you are 15 life), Lauren takes 6 damage (she is at 14 life). 
    • Transcendence triggers and goes on stack (when it resolves you gain 4 life). 
  4. In response, cast Gut shot and pay 2 life (you are 13 life), targeting High Priest of Penance.
    • Transcendence triggers and goes on stack (when it resolves you gain 4 life)
    • Young pyromancer trigger goes on stack. Resolves, you get 1 token.   
  5. Stack is Vault Skirge, Transcendence triggerTranscendence trigger  Gut ShotTranscendence trigger
  6. Feed the two elemental tokens into Thermopod for RR to cast Lingering Souls. W, B, floating.
  7. Feed three tokens and vault skirge into Thermopod for RRRR. Cast Empty the Warrens
  8. Cast Slaughter Pact, targeting Platinum Angel
  9. With Slaughter Pact on stack, feed 9 tokens into Thermopod. 9R, W, B floating.
  10. Sacrifice two tokens to Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim gain 2 life (you're at 27 life). 7R, W, B floating.
  11. Feed young pyromancer to Thermopod for R, sacrifice Thermopod to Ayli, eternal pilgrim to gain 3 life (you're at 30 life) 7R, W, B floating. 
  12. Sacrifice 1 token to activate Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim to exile Avacyn, Angel of Hope. 6R floating. 
  13. Slaughter Pact resolves, destroying platinum angel.
  14. Cast Volcanic Awakening (+6 copies) targeting Lauren's lands. Dingus egg triggers and Lauren takes 14 damage.

Thank you everyone for the fantastic contributions and helping all of us understand these puzzles better. 

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