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Sphinx's Revelation #6: Double Face Off

Magic puzzle time! Thanks for joining us again for another brain teaser in the Sphinx's Revelation series! If you weren't able to figure it out a winning line to the previous puzzle, a solution can be found at the bottom of this article

If you have any suggestions for future articles (maybe a neat interaction, etc.), or just want to say "Hi!", you can reach Jordan via Twitter, @adjunctmagician and email, Okay enough of the preamble, let's get puzzling.

The Puzzle

(click here to enlarge)


The Situation

We've been testing some Shadows over Innistrad sealed with our buddy John. Opening up a Thing In the ice and Prized Amalgam was all it took to put us on Dimir colors, while John was fortunate enough to open an Archangel Avacyn; needless to say he's playing white with a splash of green. This game has been a story of early beats and stumbling with land drops, and it seems just about locked up in John's favor as he top decked Archangel Avacyn the previous turn. With all his creatures getting vigilance and  +1/+1 from Always Watching, and the possibility of flipping Avacyn, John attacked with his entire board. It's now up to us to declare blockers and see if we can win on the following turn. Of note, brain in a jar has two charge counters on it, and we scryed the previous turn and left a swamp as our top card.


John is at 10 life and hellbent, with no relevant cards in his graveyard and not enough card types to activate delirium. On board he has:


We are at 2 life with the following on board:

and the following in hand:


Post any solutions you come up with in the comments section and be sure to check back soon for the next puzzle!

Sphinx's Revelation #5 Solution

Here's one the solution to the last puzzle (there are several!):


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