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Sphinx's Revelation #13: The Promised End

Hey puzzlers, glad to see you made it back! We're about two-thirds through the release of Eldritch Moon, so I thought this would be a good time to explore a puzzle based on this fantastic set! As always, for the solution to last week's puzzle, Odd I Seescroll to the bottom.

Your opponent is Kurt. You and Kurt have been opening up packs of Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon, putting together decks, and seeing what sticks. Kurt has ultimated Liliana, the Last Hope and is on the verge of winning. You just started your first main phase. Defeat Kurt before the end of your turn without losing!

The Puzzle

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Sphinx's Revelation: The Promised End

Opponent: Kurt

Kurt is at 29 life and hellbent, with no relevant cards in his graveyard. On board he has:


You are at 8 life, and in your first main phase, and haven't played a land this turn. During your previous turn you played Contingency Plan, so you're aware that the top card of your library is Coax from the Blind Eternities. You have a land, creature, artifact, and instant in your graveyard. On board you have:

the following cards in hand:


Post any solutions you come up with in the comments section and be sure to check back soon for the next puzzle! Remember you can reach Jordan  via Twitter, @adjunctmagician and email,


Sphinx's Revelation #12 Solution

  1. First Main Phase
    • Cast Anarchist (RBBBB) and bring back Recoup to your hand. Savage Firecat loses all counters and dies. 
    • Float B, then sacrifice that Swamp to give Anarchist haste. 
    • Cast Ghastly Demise (B) targeting Pilgrim of Justice. Resolves.
  2. Go to Combat. Attack with Pardic Firecat, Anarchist, and both Overeager Apprentice.
    • Hold priority after declaring attackers. 
    • Float RB. Activate Sandstone Deadfall by sacrificing those two lands and destroy Pardic Firecat. Resolves. 
    • Threshold reached. 
    • Sacrifice Barbarian Ring (R) to deal 2 damage to Mystic Crusader. Resolves. 
    • Opponent gets Threshold. 
    • Activate Repentant Vampire to destroy Wayward Angel. 
    • Cast Flame Burst (RB) targeting Pilgrim of Virtue to destroy it.
    • Go to damage. Opponent should take 4 damage, instead puts 4 counter on Delaying Shield. 
  3. Second Main Phase. 
    • Activate Petrified Field to bring back Barbarian Ring to your hand.
    • Activate one Overeager Apprentice and discard Zombify. Add BBB to mana pool. 
    • Cast Recoup (BR) targeting Zombify. BB floating. 
    • Flashback Seize the Day (R). Untap Repentant Vampire. Flashback Recoup (BR) targeting Epicenter. B floating.
    • Flashback Zombify (BR), targeting Savage Firecat. 
    • Sacrifice one of the tapped lands to give Savage Firecat haste. 
  4. Second Combat Phase
    • Attack with Savage Firecat and Repentant Vampire. Opponent places 10 counters on Delaying Shield. 
  5. Third Main Phase
    • Play Barbarian Ring. Activate (R) to deal 2 damage to opponent. Opponent puts 2 counters on Delaying Shield. 
    • Activate the remaining Overeager Apprentice by discarding Scorching Missile. BBB floating. 
    • Cast Epicenter (RBB). B floating.
    • Delaying Shield has 16 counters on it.   
  6. Pass the turn, opponent goes to pay Delaying Shield costs, can’t and loses. 

Thank you everyone for the fantastic contributions and helping all of us understand these better. 

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