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Sphinx's Revelation #1: Flying Spaghetti Monsters

Hello and welcome to a brand spanking new series here on MTGGoldfish, Sphinx's Revelation! In this series, you will be placed in the middle of a Magic game where you're on the brink of defeat. The goal here is simple: use the resources available to win this turn.

The steps you must take in order to reach the goal are not so easy, however! Can you figure out what must be done?

The Situation

You're playing Battle for Zendikar draft. Round one has been a grueling slugfest against your opponent's Eldrazi deck. The tournament organizer has called time and this is turn five, the beginning of your turn. You untap and draw Kor Entanglers. It's your first main phase. Should your turn end, the game ends in a draw. But you want to win! So let's see it, hotshot: Defeat your opponent before the end of your turn.

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Spinx's Revelation Puzzle #1



Your opponent is at 27 life. He has five unknown cards in hand and one unknown card in his library. He has the following cards in play:


You have the following cards in play:

You have the following cards in your hand:

You don't know the identities of any of the other cards in your library. You should probably write down your list next time.


Good Luck!

I hope you guys enjoy this first puzzle. For those that solve it, please keep the comments section spoiler free and refrain from posting the solution. I will post the solution in next week's article. You can also message me your solution or ask for hints by emailing Tomer at

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