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Single Scoop: Naya Feather (Standard, Magic Arena)

Everyone's favorite Angel is back but this time its for best of one!


I'm sure by now, we've seen what Feather, the Redeemed can do when you use all your spells like Defiant Strike combined with a never-ending loop in Dreadhorde Arcanist

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We're all about protecting our Angel and friends with #MTGM20 releasing two very essential cards for the deck! #MTGM20 has given us Gods Willing and Season of Growth.

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Core Set 2020 has brought back protection which is huge as we can protect our creatures from targeted effects and damage based sweepers like Deafening Clarion or Chandra, Awakened Inferno's -3 ability. Not only does it protect our creatures, it allows us to Scry 1 to fix our draws which as you know is very important.  Just a reminder for those newer to protection, this does NOT protect you from board wipes like Kaya's Wrath as these do not target and do not kill the creatures with damage.

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Season of Growth is our big card advantage engine that can also help us dig through our deck. It lets us Scry whenever we play a creature and more importantly, we draw a card whenever we target one of our own creatures with a spell. This makes cards like Gods Willing a Scy 1 + Draw 1 which is absolutely bonkers. Heaven forbid we have a Feather and a flurry of spells as that will for sure let us go off and protect our threats until the end of time!


The Feather deck does normally benefit from having a sideboard so taking it into best of one can be scary, but if you're trying to do this, we need to either pack more ways to close the game early like Giant Growth and other pump effects or we need answers for decks that go wide or start off with early aggression like Deafening Clarion. This deck can't deal with a board after it falls behind as we really just deploy one small threat and just try to ride that to victory. The deck requires a solid understanding of the board state and the answers your opponent might have for your threats so try to play with patience and leave up your mana if you're up against a control deck.

See you at the next one!


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