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Single Scoop: Mardu Feather (Explorer, Magic Arena)

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Feather, the Redeemed was once a beloved angel and archetype and hasn't really gotten many new cards except for Illuminator Virtuoso. Let's see if the new human can help the Boros Angel close out games!

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The deck plan is straightforward and all about targeting our own creatures with spells like Defiant Strike and Ancestral Anger! We have tons of other spells that'll target our own creatures, but we're hoping we can stick a Feather to keep our engine going until our opponents are beaten down. On top of Feather helping us get our spells back, we've also got cards like Dreadhorde Arcanist to cast our spells again! Of course, Illuminator Virtuoso is a haymaker in itself and is able to close a game out pretty quickly if left alone as the double strike and Connive makes it a respectable threat.


The deck definitely is nowhere near where it once was, but sometimes you're just able to craft the perfect loop of spells and not many decks can beat that. Angels might be one of the hardest matchups for us, but I think that's true of any creature deck trying to fight the angelic forces. Funny enough, the deck just feels fair in 2022. It might be a Tier 3 deck, but it's still pretty fun once the engine is online! The Anthology coming would also give us Favored Hoplite so that'll be a nice inclusion!

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