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Single Scoop: Thicc Walls (Explorer)

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Thanks to Assault Formation and High Alert, our weak board can get into the red zone for one big punch to maybe steal a game! Otherwise, we're just dropping a ton of walls to block and keep our health up! Of course, we've also got a few other tricks up our sleeves.

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Our board doesn't need to be super wide to kill an opponent as Tower Defense pumps all of our creatures by 5 toughness! This is absolutely what we love to see as it pairs with Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive. Being able to sneak by all of our opponents' blockers is what Tetsuko is here for. I usually try not to deploy Tetsuko until I go in for the kill!


The deck gets hilariously stomped out by Angels but against any red deck, we can hold them off for a while as long as we don't get struck down by an Embercleave! The deck is extremely dependent on our High Alert effects so try to mulligan for one. The nice thing is that nobody takes us for a severe threat so we can build up a nice board and go for a sneaky kill whenever we're ready!

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