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Pioneer Peak: Pact With A Bird Serpent

Demonic Pacts were a thing of yesterday! We now make our deals with an 80-card Bird Serpent!

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We're a grindy deck that relies on our enchantments to generate a silly amount of card advantage but the last time we played this deck, we got bodied by too many things that blew up our enchantments and we didn't have Yorion, Sky Nomad!

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Yorion, Sky Nomad is huge as we always have a mass flicker effect waiting for us. This isn't a bad deal when we play things like Demonic Pact, Oath of Kaya, and Eslpeth's Nightmare. Being able to restart our sagas and whatnot is absolutely absurd but the missing ingredient from the last we played this deck?...

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Not a new card or new tech but this card's stock just sky rocketed for me as being able to flicker our Yorion or to protect any of our enchantments from removal is huge. I wasn't playing this before and it was a huge mistake and I really can't see me playing any enchantment deck without a playset of this.

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Another pointer I'd like to make is that Flicker of Fate does not work on Treacherous Blessing!! I always forget that this card has a sacrifice clause. This card does, however, work with Yorion. Now, if you are trying to get rid of this card, you can Flicker of Fate the card but you can also target it with Gideon of the Trials!  Why did I include this in the article stub? I may or may not have tried to flicker this but we don't need to go in-depth on that.




The deck got a 4-1 record with our only loss being to a super sweet Marionette Master + God Pharoah's Gift deck which I couldn't be happier to lose to. I love that Pioneer still feels like a brewer's paradise. The deck felt pretty smooth now that we added Flicker of Fate. The only thing I would change moving forward is maybe more graveyard hate from our sideboard as having an 80 card deck, you can definitely go games without seeing your sideboard hate. This means we could potentially add 1-2 Rest in Peace and maybe one more Damping Sphere for Lotus Breach. I do like The Elderspell and The Immortal Sun as I expect to see more Yorion Superfriends decks. This is the list I'd play if I were to play in a tournament with this deck 

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As always, thanks for watching! See ya at the next one.

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