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Fish Five-0: Mono Black Control

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This is a list that was from Grzegorz 'Urlich' Kowalski! This was a list he posted and it immediately caught my attention as I haven't seen a Mono Black control list in a standard format for quite some time. The core of the deck does revolve around its treasure package from cards like Shambling Ghast , Deadly Dispute, and Skullport Merchant!

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These cards will often help us ramp and accelerate to our big win conditions like Lolth, Spider Queen and Professor Onyx! The biggest pointers for the deck is it's ability to reoccur the Planeswalkers from Blood on the Snow so don't be afraid to have your Planeswalkers killed off early. The deck is built to slowly grind out your opponent's resources until something eventually sticks. The deck doesn't use a ton of new cards from Midnight Hunt except for The Meathook Massacre so it also seemed very wildcard friendly! 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

The deck also has another plan with the learn + pest strategy. The learn package is shaping up to play a bigger impact in the format than we thought. Even if the lessons aren't the most powerful, they're able to help us claw back into a game. We're also able to generate a decent amount of a board state if our witch can stay around. Once we generate an army of little pests, we can start sacrificing them to cards like Deadly Dispute and Skullport Merchant to keep our value engine going!


The deck is a fun option for somebody looking for something outside of the stereotypical counterspell control shells. The problem with this deck is it's inability to deal with enchantments and artifacts outside of Containment Breach. I also believe that any control match up will usually be an auto loss as we can't fight their counterspells or Alrund's Epiphany. For right now, this is a fun tier 2 deck to try out!

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