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Fish Five-0: Esper Control 2.0 (Standard)

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The quest for the perfect Control deck continues! This week, I'm playing my second favorite shard in Esper. Why the addition of a third color?

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Adding white gives us some extremely powerful answers. Portable Hole will serve as a way to get rid of early threats while also answering one of the pillars of the format in Ranger Class. Ranger Class is a card that will pull an opponent very far ahead if not dealt with. Portable at least temporarily answers it along with any permanent that's two mana value or less. Vanishing Verse I think is the best removal spell in all of standard right now. It answers all the pillars in Ranger Class, Esika's Chariot, Wrenn and Seven, and Goldspan Dragon. That's a pretty steep list of problems, and it's nice to know you have an answer for all of them. Of course, Doomskar is important in the matchups where you just need a sweeper on turn three! It's a clean answer regardless of the creature's stats or mana value! 


Esper seems packed with all answers we need. I don't know if this build is 100% correct, but I think the answer to all of the problematic green decks lies in Esper. I know Dimir is the current flavor of Control but losing out on clean ways to deal with Enchantments and Artifacts really hurts. Regardless, the hunt continues. Keep pushing forward Control mages.

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