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Fish Five-0: Dimir Dragon Control (Standard)

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We're the typical Dimir control deck with a ton of solid sweepers and counterspells but thanks to #MTGAFR we have a ton of new win conditions that we can pair with Shark Typhoon...

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Hive of the Eye Tyrant and Hall of Storm Giants are huge upgrades in win conditions as they're threats that come at no cost as they're lands! This is the perfect way for a control deck to close out games and is reminiscent of the Celestial Colonnade days! Hive of the Eye Tyrant is a cheap 3/3 menace threat that can help us eat up graveyard cards. Hall of Storm Giants gives us a massive beater that has ward 3 which definitely makes it more taxing on opponents trying to remove our land! With how powerful creature lands are, opponents will often have to figure out how much removal they can truly remove. These lands definitely increase the value of cards like Field of Ruin which our two-color deck can truly take advantage of as we aren't in need of a third color. 

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Another win condition with Ward is our new dragon Iymrith, Desert Doom! The card attempts to do a Dragonlord Ojutai impersonation and it does a decent job at it. I'm not entirely sure that a card like this is powerful enough in a control deck in 2021 but I'm currently having fun playing with the card as it's a solid threat that can snowball card advantage really quick. The ward 4 is a brutal tax effect that should help us keep it around unless people start packing Soul Shatter


The deck feels very powerful and has had a strong showing on my stream. Dimir Control might be the play as you're able to really dunk on a majority of the field right now. The only change I could see happening is me swapping Mordenkainen for Professor Onyx. The ability to drain two with Cling to Dust is quite synergistic and powerful. The edict effect from Professor Onyx really helps with cards like Koma, Cosmos Serpent. If you're a control mage, definitely take this list for a spin. It's yielded tons of solid results!

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