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Fish Five-0: Abzan Explore (Standard, Magic Arena)

Welcome back everyone to episode 3! Today we're gonna see if we can imitate Juaspas in piloting their Abzan Explore deck to another 5-0!


I had a lot of fun playing the list! It was really nice being able to use Militia Bugler to grab Trostani Discordant. I would also like to add more cards for control into the sideboard like Duress and Carnage Tyrant even though I know that lowers our hit targets with Militia Bugler. I'd also really like to add Ravenous Chupacabra to the main deck and a lot more removal and ways to interact with our opponent's creatures. But overall, the splash of white was very fun but not needed, so if you're hurting on wildcards, you can stay Golgari Midrange. If you've got a few wildcards to spare and just love was a pretty sweet deck.

Thanks again for continuing to show support and I'll see you all back at the next episode!

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