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Fish Five-0: Grixis Conjecture Control (Standard, Magic Arena)

What is Fish Five-0? 

It's my brand new series where I'll be taking decks that have 5-0'd or won major events and jamming games with them. That means there can be tier decks or memes! This series is so you don't have to spend your wild cards and hard earned cash to figure out if you like the deck! I do the playtesting for you as it's always nice to have a pool of people trying out a deck so you can have a better feel for the deck! We'll see if we can determine if it's a flash in the pan or the truth! 

Wowee the second episode is already here huh?

Well normally everyone knows that I will play Grixis whenever I can but on today's episode...we're turning back the clocks and playing some The Mirari Conjecture control!!! So excited to pilot this deck that Arcanic piloted to a 5-0 finish! This archetype is always a blast for me. Once again, with our detective team work, maybe we can find out if this deck is a bust or it is as Explosive as it seems. 

See you back for the next episode and once again, any lists that have done well recently and you want to see played? Reach out in the comments or through Twitter! Thanks for the continued support.


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