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Brawl Bash: Prime Speaker Vannifar (Brawl, Magic Arena)

Looking for a Simic commander for Brawl post Oko ban? Well, so am I! This week we're going to be taking Prime Speaker Vannifar into the queues.


The deck plays like a midrange toolbox deck. For those that have played magic for a while, Vannifar will remind you of Birthing Pod but Vannifar is a way more balanced version. In most of my games, Vannifar usually dies as soon as she enters the battlefield but it's okay because you can still just hard cast creatures like Biogenic Ooze or Agent of Treachery aka one of the best cards in Brawl.

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Its always important to remember what cards are left in your library so when you use Vannifar, you don't accidentally mess up your chain. At the top of our chain we have End-Raze Forerunners to go for a big juicy attack so try not to keep opening hands with a ton of your big finishers. How do we interact with our opponents?

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These are some of the cards that will be able to interact with an opponent's board. Thorn Mammoth may be one of the sweetest removal spells we have as we can have it fight multiple creatures in one turn. We also have Meteor Golem to deal with planeswalkers and other problematic permanents. Of course, we also have my favorite gameplan of Agent of Treachery to steal all of our opponent's things. If we ever get to Quasiduplicate our Agent then the fun is truly endless.


The deck is fun and hits a level of enjoyment that can't be put into words if Vannifar lives. The issue with the deck is that when Vannifar dies, our gameplan is much weaker as we don't have many cheap ways to interact with our opponents. Regardless, If you're a Simic mage and love the idea of playing with a toolbox style Midrange deck, I definitely recommend this for the Brawl queues.


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