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Brawl Bash: Brawlrand (Brawl, Magic Arena)

As I said after the last episode with The Gitrog Monster, I had to do a Talrand, Sky Summoner video!

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We're mostly looking to interact and do things on our opponent's turn as our commander will allow us to build an army! I added a Leyline of Anticipation so all of our spells have flash. This means we can either leave up mana for our counterspells and if the opponents don't do anything, we can play our threats or our commander at the end of their turn!

Theros: Beyond Death brought some cards I wanted to try in this deck.

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There are a few cards that reward us when we cast spells on our opponent's turn so I'm looking to take advantage of that and gain some tempo by tapping opponent's creatures down and maybe even drawing cards with the Hippocamp. Speaking of drawing cards, we can go wide with Nadir Kraken just by sitting there and paying the one every time we draw. If we count the Kraken, we have the commander that can help us build an army but also have Murmuring Mystic and Kraken!

Unfortunately, since we're in mono blue, our removal isn't great. Most of our gameplan will be to tap and bounce things with spells like Unsummon; it's very much a gameplan that works on the non-Simic ramp decks in the Brawl queues. If we dodge Simic decks we should be okay. Another cute synergy is Heraldic Banner as that is both a mana rock and a way for us to grow our team!


We did well for ourselves in the win column and got absolutely obliterated by the Simic opponent as expected as they have too much mana to work with. If you're looking for a mono blue Brawl deck, its been proven that Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is just a better deck as we can steal all of our opponent's stuff. Talrand, Sky Summoner is a fun card but is a bit hard to keep alive as it is just a 2/2. Definitely take this list for a spin if you want a fun Talrand deck though. It mostly does what I like in Magic but it can also close a game which definitely reminds me of one of my favorite finishers in Modern, Monastery Mentor!

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