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brawl bash

Brawl Bash: Prime Speaker Vannifar (Brawl, Magic Arena)

Nov 13 // by TheAsianAvenger

With Oko now gone from Brawl, who will be our Simic ruler?


Brawl Bash: Bolas Brawl! (Brawl, Magic Arena)

Nov 06 // by TheAsianAvenger

Are you looking to be a Bolas Brawler? TheAsianAvenger plays his variant of Bolas Brawl!


Brawl Bash: Azorius Brawlers (Brawl, Magic Arena)

Oct 30 // by TheAsianAvenger

Brawl has arrived! Let's kick off Brawl with a crowd favorite and see how it pairs up against an Oko dominated field!


Brawl Bash: Decklists!

Sep 16 // by TheAsianAvenger

Get a head start on decklists to try in Brawl!