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Brawl Bash: Bolas Brawl! (Brawl, Magic Arena)

Though Bolas is in the Prison Realm, that won't stop me from playing our Grixis Overlord!


For control mages out there, this deck should be able to scratch your itch as our commander is a ton of card advantage!

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 Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God is one of the more powerful commanders for Brawl. The +1 is quite backbreaking as it keeps us in the game while eventually eating up our opponent's cards. The -3 ability gives us an answer to any opposing commander which means we will usually have some form of removal which is nice. Not only that but always having access to Bolas means we can win out of nowhere with The Elderspell.

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Fires of Invention might be one of the sweetest cards for Brawl or Commander as it helps us reduce the cost of our commanders. All we need to do is just pay the tax for each time our commander has died. You may be wondering, "why are you playing counterspells and fires together?" Even though Fires is a great card, it's only a singleton and in some games, we may not even see our Fires and in this format, we do need to be able to counter a ton of things like Agent of Treachery and etc. If you're also in a situation where you're loaded with counterspells, don't feel like you need to jam the Fires immediately. Fires can be deployed later in the game as a way to reduce the cost for our Bolas in the event he died too many times.


The deck performed beautifully. With Oko, Thief of Crowns being banned by this video's release, Bolas gets even better. Now we just need to be ready for Golos, Tireless Pilgrim and we should be golden! I can't wait until the next event starts. I've got a few sweet Brawl builds I'd love to test especially with a whole new Brawl meta!

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