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Single Scoop: Zombies (Historic)

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Two new creatures have entered Historic and the undead tribe is more than excited for it!

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Undead Augur is a cheap way to reload our hands as a zombie dying will draw us cards. We had that in Midnight Reaper but the fact that this is two mana is huge as our deck is now packed to the brim with three mana cards. One of those cards is Diregraf Colossus! This card was an all star in GerryT's pro tour winning list and I'm so happy to see it back! The card gets massive quick and can spawn an entire army on it's own. This is definitely a nice threat for zombies as Innistrad Midnight Hunt is bound to give us more tools for our undead friend!

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Liliana, Untouched by Death is our late game. Every ability on her is relevant for our deck. The best part is that it fuels itself as we hope to +1 hit some zombies and drain our opponents. This will then feed into her -3 ability later on! She's such a sweet zombie planeswalker and I definitely have a soft spot for her. Is she the most efficient wincon? Probably not but she is a sweet recursion engine for our zombies. She also provides us with much needed reach!


I love zombies but it feels way too fair compared to everything going on in Historic. I'm hoping the cards from MTGMID will help push the tribe to tier 1 in time for the best holiday, Halloween!

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