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Single Scoop: Fishies (Historic, Magic Arena)

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Merfolk never quite felt right in historic as we didn't have a classic Merfolk lord effect but that changes!

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In Historic we're still missing a few pieces because we don't have access to something like a Spreading Seas to turn our opponent's lands into Islands but its nice to see Master of the Pearl Trident in Historic as we Merfolk are finally hitting a critical mass of anthem effects. On top of that, Merfolk get to partake in the "Conjuring" action thanks to Shoreline Scout!

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The card is actually pretty good for Merfolk as it can turn any one of our extra merfolk into Tropical Island. This effect is great when our deck is in need of mana to cast a Collected Company.


Merfolk are definitely getting more powerful but they're still missing out on cards like Spreading Seas, Tidebinder Mage, and Harbinger of the Tides. Having these cards would really help take advantage of the islandwalk and give the deck more bodies and ways to interact with opposing creature decks. Otherwise, the deck is a lot of fun for Merfolk hopefuls! We just need to wait for a few more cards to be tier 1.5.

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