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Single Scoop: Spectral Standard

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Spirits got a few new tools courtesy of MTGCrimson 

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Spirits needed cheap and powerful threats and Dorothea, Vengeful Victim is a solid body for two mana which allows us to get aggressive early. Even if it sacrifices itself, we're still clocking in for four health while being able to use it's Disturb back half on any of our other spirits on board. We got a surplus of three drops this set with Cemetery Illuminator and Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr. Cemetery Illuminator serves as our card advantage as we're able to exile from a graveyard when it enters the battlefield and attacks thus allowing us to smooth our draws out! Katilda can just get beefy after a few turns and the protection from Vampires is actually quite relevant with the number of vampire decks running around on the Bo1 ladder!

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The other spell Spirits got was Geistlight Snare. The ability to have a Mana Leak us a huge tempo swing for us. Its not common but also possible for us to have a Snare cost one mana with the right pieces on board as Disturb returning creatures as an enchantment could end up mattering! As for a hard counter, we have Overcharged Amalgam which is an honorary spirit for us. With Brine Comber and other cheap creatures to feed the Amalgam, we gladly welcome our Disallow on a flash 3/3 flying body. 


The deck was a fun tempo deck but just needs a Spell Queller or something to truly be great. Right now, the deck feels like it just needs another solid Flash threat and then spirits will be a viable tempo deck. I have to imagine with Kamigawa around the corner, theres another flash spirit just waiting. For now, the deck is just a fun deck for spirit lovers to try if you've got the extra wild cards!

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