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Single Scoop: Dragons (Standard, Magic Arena)

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Dragons was in a weird spot where its early game had absolutely no play in standard but thanks to Crimson Vow, we've got a few toys in Cemetery Gatekeeper and Chandra, Dressed to Kill

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Cemetery Gatekeeper is just a solid two drop that gives us that much needed reach early on. The fact that it's also a 2/1 first strike is absolutely amazing in combat. The card is good enough to where I think I want more ways to fill up my own graveyard just in case our opponents don't play anything for us to kill or put into their yard. Of course, don't be afraid to just play this card on turn two if you know its going to be a slow grind match up as just having the 2/1 is great to keep the pressure on.

The biggest thing the deck got was a sweet three drop in Chandra, Dressed to Kill. The card is exactly what we want as it's a way to ramp with its first +1 ability but the second +1 ability allows us to continue to dig through our deck for threats to play. It also comes down early and is fairly resistant to most removal. The card isn't great at defending itself so in a match-up like Mono white, it could be a pretty big stinker. Outside of that, the card is definitely a new toy to play with.


The deck probably could play more Cathartic Pyre and maybe even Falkenrath Pit Fighter to power up our Cemetery Gatekeeper. I do think the deck gets absolutely embarrassed by Fading Hope as we spend our whole turn to play a dragon and it really hurts if our opponent trades one mana for our four mana dragon. Let's just hope we dodge all of the control opponents! Luckily, in best of one, our threats have big enough bodies to outrace a good amount of opponents. We're very much a midrange deck so we want to keep the early game clear and that might mean more copies of Burn Down the House

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