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Single Scoop: Silverquill Clerics (Standard 2022)

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The cleric deck plays a lot like an aristocrat deck. The list originally came from Huey Jensen for standard 2022 as it seemed like a good place to start but I just didn't like Pyre of Heroes. First off, there are a few cards that are best of one exclusive like Soulmender and Impassioned Orator. You wont find this in Bo3 so keep that in mind. A huge powerhouse for us is Cleric of Life's Bond

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This card will spiral out of control really quick as it gets pretty massive with all of the clerics we'll be playing. Of course, the fact that its mana value is two or less, will pair quite nicely with Silverquill Command as a reanimation target. The command would normally be pretty slow but in Standard 2022, there are often times decks that rely on one big creature like a Goldspan Dragon or so and command gives us a threat while answering that. It also may not come up often but sometimes the +3/+3 will close the game for us so don't sleep on that mode. Command isn't necessarily a four of as there are also a ton of mono white decks but we're hoping Doomskar can help pick those decks off.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

We have no shortage of powerful and disruptive three drops like Elite Spellbinder to disrupt opponents or Taborax, Hope's Demise to help us refuel our hand while potentially becoming massive itself so most of our three drops are must answers. Of course, we've got our star in Orah, Skyclave Hierophant. The card is great when we're ahead and really is the big payoff for clerics! This is why Huey really wanted Pyre so that they would have access to Orah. I wanted to see if I could try an angel that people forgot about and it itself is a cleric, Glorious Protector! The card itself can save us from any sweepers or be a good combat trick at the least. We top our curve off with Drana, the Last Bloodchief as the card can bring back any of our clerics depending on whether or not we make it to the combat step!


The deck felt pretty sweet in Bo1 and I might want to play less Cleric Class. The card oddly felt the weakest and was more so just there for flavor. I feel like Paladin Class might be better as the tax and effect could be sweet. Overall, I'd try to lower the curve a little more. Oddly, Silverquill Command was pretty sweet as we needed more interaction and Command gave us a threat while answering things. We can safely assume the archetype will get a boost in power once Midnight Hunt comes out. Standard is looking really fun post-rotation so I welcome the Midnight Hunt!

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