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Single Scoop: Grixis Lutri (Historic, Magic Arena)

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Our companion forces us to be a little more diverse with our spells and win conditions, but if we fulfill its requirement, we do get a pretty adorable otter that can copy our spell. I don't believe the restriction is actually worth it unless we're playing something like Tainted Pact and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries. However, that felt kinda clunky as opposed to Thassa's Oracle. Instead, we're just going pure control! Being able to double up on a Thoughtseize or some other spell while getting a 3/2 body is fun.

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We've got our favorite elder dragon and numerous other supporting walkers but this episode is all about Nicol Bolas and his pet otter. Despite being a singleton deck, we do have a ton of ways to win regardless. We are a bit light on sweepers but almost every matchup on the ladder right now is some control variant or elves. Let's just hope we draw the right half against elves.


The deck I played in this video should've probably added the Tainted Pact combo so if you're looking for a reason to play the singleton style, that's the best payoff. Outside of that, the deck is mostly for fun and to see other control variants. However, I think with the lack of consistency and duplicates of some of our best spells, Bolas will just have to wait before he pairs up with our little Otter friend.

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