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Single Scoop: Selesnya Humans (Standard, Magic Arena)

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Humans got a few key pieces that will finally slow the Alrund's Epiphany decks down in Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

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Thalia's ability to add a tax onto every noncreature spell is huge. This could set any noncreature deck back by a turn or two which is all the time Humans need to get on the ground and start attacking. Outside of Thalia's obvious power level, humans also got Hopeful Initiate, Hamlet Vanguard, Torens, Fist of the Angels

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First up, the Hopeful Initiate may not seem huge but the fact that we have a solid amount of creatures and ways to benefit from training in Snakeskin Veil, Luminarch Aspirant, and so forth. This means we can grow our creaturess but most importantly, we can have a main deck answer to a card like Esika's Chariot. It doesn't deal with the two bodies but its definitely nice to be able to blow up the powerful artifact. We've also got Hamlet Vanguard which will often be a 5/5 for 3 mana with Ward 2 which is an absurd rate. It doesn't need to do more than that, to be honest. Lastly, Torens, Fist of the Angels gives creature decks their Young Pyromancer. The humans are generated upon cast and not only that, the tokens have training themselves. Torens will often just need a few creatures casted into it before just taking over the game. 


Humans feels okay right now. If you're looking for a sweet humans tribal deck, I think this is a fun starting point. Humans is a tribe that will only get better and better over time as every set has them but if you want to ditch the Tribal aspect, I would highly recommend just playing Mono White!

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