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Single Scoop: Creepy Red (Standard, Magic Arena)

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Before I go into the deck, I went ahead and added a sideboard in case you wanted to try it in Best of Three! My first video of Crimson Vow is..... aggro? Well, the red cards look really fun in this set! I don't know if this is your dad's red deck but it did get a power boost in cards like Kessig Wolfrider and Cemetery Gatekeeper

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I'm not entirely sure how powerful Kessig Wolfrider is, but as you know, the card is a red one-drop and red decks can always use more of those. We'll see how relevant the 3/2 wolf token is, but for right now, the card feels like a 1/2 with menace. Cemetery Gatekeeper is a lot spicier of a card as we're able to burn our opponents for 2 damage if we can exile something that shares a type with our opponent's most prominent spells. Of course, every deck plays lands! It's the main reason I've got Cathartic Pyre as the card is removal and a solid way to get stuff into the graveyard for us to exile. Even if we exile our own stuff, it'll still hit the opponent. Just a reminder that the Gatekeeper burns BOTH players! 

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Chandra, Dressed to Kill gives us ramp and a way to ping our opponents each turn which may slide under the radar when it comes to the power level but that ramp will often expedite us to a 5 drop or help us make a double play in a turn. Of course, we've also got Chandra's second +1 ability which should help us dig through our deck when we're flooded! 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

Creepy Puppeteer seems like such a sweet card as the artwork is rad but on top of that, there's a chance that we get to smack our opponent's face for 8 damage on turn four. I often see our early drops getting removed left and right but the Puppeteer helps our creatures scale into the midgame by turning them into a base power of 4/3. At its worst, it'll still just be a 4/3 haste! The other card I wanted to talk about was Volatile Arsonist. The card seems good when you read it but as I think of the power level of the format, it'd just be okay so, I've only got a few copies in our deck. It's currently our curve topper. 


It does feel nice to see a red deck be powerful again but it still feels like it's a bit too fair when compared to the other threats like Esika's Chariot. Because of this, I think the number of main deck artifact answers is mandatory despite best of one or best of three. Otherwise, I'm liking this for a week one shell but can definitely see some improvements made.

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