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Single Scoop: Robots (Historic)

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Historic doesn't quite have an Arcbound Ravager but the deck can still be quite aggressive thanks to cards like NettlecystTempered Steel.

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Tempered Steel might be our most powerful piece as it turns our Ornithopter and Blinkmoth Nexus into big beaters. All of our creatures can use whatever buffs they can find otherwise they're just an army of X/1s. Its also daring playing an artifact aggro deck in a Historic format that is mainboarding Artifact hate like Prismari Command but the nice thing about this deck is it just feels all-in. Force the opponents to have or fall victim to our robotic might!

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Our card advantage will come in the form of Esper Sentinel and Thought Monitor. With all of the ways we can buff the Esper Sentinel, we should be able to draw a card almost every time. If we're ever able to stack multiple sentinels, we'll be drowning in value. Thought Monitor was a nice addition to the artifact archetype as its a 2/2 body that'll often cost three to four mana which may not seem like much but is everything for our little artifact aggro deck. It's at a mana cost that cant get Fatal Push'd or stolen with Claim the Firstborn!


As explosive as some of the starts can be, the deck just feels super soft to most of the meta right now. The deck sorely needs Arcbound Ravager & Hangarback Walker to deal with the fact that the removal in the format is stellar and the creatures just outclass us. The deck gets cross in the crossfire from all the incidental artifact hate of recent but some games you'll just get the most explosive start followed by an Steel Overseer and just win on that alone. The deck is definitely a glass cannon!

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