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Single Scoop: Orzhov Lives (Historic)

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The idea of Nine Lives + Solemnity just wasn't possible with Tibalt's Trickery in the format but now that the deck is gone, we can dunk on a majority of aggro decks. The main cards we're worried about are Bonecrusher Giant & Questing Beast. Because of this, we're hoping we can keep the board clear until we can windmill slam Gideon's Intervention

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Outside of Stomp and Questing beast, we're not really afraid of much else against the entire field, and right now might be the best time to try this combo as I assume tons of elves and aggro decks will be back in the Bo1 meta. This is the perfect cheese combo as not many people run cards that interact with us in Bo1. 


I think some form of Nine Lives combo has a place in the meta but I don't know if we need the black mana to be honest. I think I would change the list from the video to being entirely mono white this way we can play more cycle lands to smooth out our draws. 

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