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Single Scoop: Rakdos Vampires (Standard)

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The aggression from these vampires is way different than the Orzhov Vampires of old, and they have more bite thanks to a few all-stars.

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Pit Fighter is a wonderful way to trade vampires and dead cards for more power. It is a solid one drop that can help us keep up in a late game as long as we're able to cause an opponent to lose life. Bloodthirsty Adversary might be one of the best things this deck could ask for as we have haste with the potential to flashback some of our removal or Play with Fire to send upstairs to the opponent's face! I'm also trying out Slaughter Specialist. The card can be pretty awkward when that 1/1 can block our one drop and trade. However, the card can get pretty massive if not dealt with over time. 

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I think Florian might be our best card advantage engine as we're able to dig off the top of our deck for any threat of our choosing. Not only that, he's a solid 3/3 with first strike so there's a good chance this card will win most of its combat steps. 


The vampires still feel a little weak as we're lacking a lord effect like Legion Lieutenant. For right now, the tribe feels like a solid tier 2 but I don't imagine that staying true with CRIMson Vow coming out next. If you're a vampire lover, right now might not be our time but it won't be long until we rule the night!

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