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Single Scoop: Managorgeous Red (Historic)

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There's been a version of red deck that's been running around in the best of one queues. We've seen players like Jim Davis and Cedric Phillips play it and now it's my turn to try it!

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This deck is a lot more explosive than what we're used to seeing. It has numerous ways to draw cards and discard cards. It also has tons of ways to get things into the graveyard courtesy of Dragon's Rage Channeler. The deck is pretty much everything from Jumpstart Horizons. One of the sweetest interactions is Faithless Looting or Seasoned Pyromancer into free Blazing Rootwalla. All of this pairs quite nicely if there is a Phoenix in the graveyard!


All around, the deck doesn't pilot like how you'd imagine a typical red deck but at the same time, it feels very fair for historic. Of course, the differences between a tournament and a ladder is huge. I think this deck probably does better in a tournament setting as opposed to the wilderness that is the ladder!

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