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Single Scoop: Izzet Insect Aggro? (Historic, Magic Arena)

The deck we're playing was piloted in a best of three meta off the "Diamond-Mythic" lists from the mothership itself. I had to try this for myself because the deck plays like the mono red version of Indomitable Creativity that I did a while back. The difference is we don't need as many clunky threats like Ulamog or Terror of the Peaks. Instead, we add blue and a few more controlling elements!

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Okay, we're not an aggro deck. We're actually a combo deck and our combo relies on Indomitable Creativity, The Locust God, and Sage of the Falls

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Indomitable Creativity is what gives us the ability to trade any of our creatures or artifacts to find The Locust God and Sage of the Falls. We have tons of ways to create treasures and a few ways to make tokens in our deck so the only creatures are the two aforementioned cards. The best part is we focus more on the sacrificing of treasures which is a lot better against decks that run a ton of removal like Fatal Push as they can interact with the token we're trying to destroy. The next part of the combo is once we get our god and sage out, we win on the spot unless our opponents have a way to interact with us. With both pieces out, we'll be able to make a ton of 1/1 insect tokens with haste to kill our opponents. Our combo isn't infinite as it's determined by how many cards we have in our libraries. However, there would have to be some corner cases for us to not have enough tokens to kill an opponent. It's also important to note that Grafdigger's Cage doesn't stop our combo! 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

Until we're in a spot to combo off, we've got some free counterspells for the turn we go for the win. On top of that, if we draw any of our two creatures, we can shuffle them back in with cards like Fire Prophecy and Valakut Awakening !


The deck is hilarious in a best of one meta but once we get into the best of three territory, I feel there are too many ways to disrupt us from our combo. We could do what most combos do in Bo3, which is to sideboard into more win conditions but our options seem anemic when creatures are off the list unless we remove Indomitable entirely. This was what lead me to playing this on the Bo1 ladder. I believe in Bo1, the deck needs to have more sweepers. The original list didn't run any sweepers in the main deck so I went and added Sweltering Suns as a way to sweep the board and cycle itself if it's a dead card! Definitely recommend fans of combo decks to try this deck out!

I guess that means it isn't an Izzet Insect Aggro deck. Oh well, that just leaves us with a sweet combo deck!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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