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Single Scoop: It's Pummeling Time (Historic, Magic Arena)

Kaladesh's arrival will have tons of energy payoffs and this week, we're trying Electrostatic Pummeler! The list isn't too different from what's around as I do feel like the list kind of builds itself in best of one give or take a few slots. Although this list isn't groundbreaking with spice, it still sure is fun Falcon Punching opponents out of nowhere.

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The deck slows it's gameplan down a bit when compared to it's Gruul Aggro counterpart as we aren't a Haste Tribal deck but we make up for it by having more ways to make a single threat extremely huge and swing for lethal in one go. 

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The most explosive threat in our deck is easily Electrostatic Pummeler as a few pump spells and some energy can just end the game for our opponents. Of course, we also have Bristling Hydra for opponent's who are a bit heavy on spot removal. These are the two face cards when I think of the deck but that doesn't mean Servant of the Conduit or a Voltaic Brawler can't get there. I just normally use those cards as a way to draw out the early removal spells. I pretty much use those cards to chip away at opponents' health unless there's a window to "go off".

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It's easy to get the bloodlust and want to go for the big finish but the nice thing is that the deck can sit back and chip away at more controlling decks that are looking for a window to fire off a key removal spell. That's where a card like Blossoming Defense comes into play. The card only costs one mana and can really blow out an opponent who is removal light by just fizzling their spell and pumping our threat. Speaking of pumping our threats, Collision // Colossus is what prevents our big beefy threats from getting chump blocked as we're mostly casting the Colossus half to get Trample. Often times, Colossus + Pummeler is good enough to be the game. 

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If we don't have any Collision // Colossus, there's always Embercleave to embarrass opponents for trying to block. This card is an auto include for any deck that has enough creatures to play it. I would say that with 20 creatures we're a little under what most aggro decks have for creatures but it's still worth it.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

For the singletons in the deck, I'm using Gemrazer as a one-off to blow up an enchantment or artifact and as a way to upgrade some of our threats as a 4/4 Electrostatic Pummeler is pretty sweet. There are plenty of artifacts and enchantments running around right now between Aetherworks Marvel, Embercleave, and even some enchantments to warrant the Gemrazer. Along with the Gemrazer, I've got Primal Might which is removal and works well with our original gameplan. I've really liked Primal Might in this deck and I could definitely see me adding another copy in the deck after trying the deck out. 


The deck in best of one definitely plays like a glass cannon deck but in a game with a sideboard, we can definitely grind out opponents by including cards like Lifecrafter's Bestiary or The Great Henge. I could also see us adding Chandra, Torch of Defiance as a way to fight decks that are loaded with creature removal. If you were a fan of this deck when it was in standard or if you're fan of beefing up a single threat, this could scratch that itch but I'd say the safe craft is an Orzhov Auras deck if you're looking to beef up a single threat. The deck should also look for ways to deal with Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath and Neoform Combo. I'm almost at a point where I can see Grafdigger's Cage in the main deck.

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