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Single Scoop: Millstoric (Historic, Magic Arena)

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Mill is such an awesome archetype and even if it isn't nearly as powerful in historic as it is in Modern, it doesn't mean we won't play it! Plus, with access to a card like Bruvac the Grandiloquent, we have a shot of stealing some games!

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One of my favorite combos to pull off in commander is just as hilarious in Historic as the combo of these two cards will result in us throwing away an opponent's entire library. Of course cards like Tasha's Hideous Laughter isn't as a haymaker like it is in Modern but its still efficient. Our main concern really lies in our ability to stabilize and control the early game, so naturally we packed cards like Witch's Vengeance and Extinction Event. Personally, I love a card like Shadows' Verdict but the fact that it hits our own Crab and Ashiok means we can't really play any copies. Speaking of Ashiok, Dream Render, you'll have to use your own discretion to figure out when to pull off an activation as activating the planeswalker will eat up our opponent's graveyard thus making our Drown in the Loch a bit weaker. Regardless, Drown in the Loch is just too good not to play as it's our versatile answer to help us outlast.


The deck definitely needs another solid one-drop mill spell like a Hedron Crab. Otherwise, the deck was pretty fun. I wouldn't expect this to win a tournament but it definitely is a blast chewing up our opponent's library. 

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