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Single Scoop: Boros Aggro (Historic)

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Mono Red has fallen off the map in Historic, and it's time to make our opponents respect the burn!

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As you can expect, we're playing a ton of the most efficient burn spells a red deck can play. All of this is topped off with a Roiling Vortex in case anybody tries to gain life. Especially in best of one where there are so many life gain decks. This burn package is to be expected from any red based deck but Crimson Vow brought us some sweet new cards!..

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Cemetery Gatekeeper is exactly the card we needed as it's a solid body and we adon't have Eidolon of the Great Revel in Historic so this will gladly take its place as it does a wonderful job of providing us the much-needed reach on a body. We've also got Chandra, Dressed to Kill which has proven to be an amazing top end for our deck. Sure, it doesn't protect itself but does it need to if we're a low to the ground aggro deck? Its ability to burn and help us sift through our deck is amazing. Chandra sits in the background ticking up and getting us card advantage and burning away our opponents as they're stuck dealing with our little creatures on the ground, It's always nice to have a way to attack our opponents on a non-creature axis.


I honestly believe the two new cards in Cemetery Gatekeeper and Chandra, Dressed to Kill will be a big player for the foreseeable future in red-based aggro decks in Historic. Even if they printed Eidolon, I would still play Gatekeeper as a way to keep the heat up. The only changes I'd try to make is to find a way to fit more Light Up the Stage and one more Roiling Vortex. Who would've thought one of my favorite cards from Crimson Vow would be Red? Either way, enjoy and let me know if you find any new Cemetery Gatekeeper or Chandra, Dressed to Kill decks!

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