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Single Scoop: Azorius Aerial Assault (Standard)

Its time to call the air units to attack the Bo1 meta! Core 2021 brought us a two new cards that fit perfectly into our archetype. We've got a new two drop in Watcher of the Spheres and a sweet new counterspell in Lofty Denial.

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We're all about playing a tempo game plan. We focus on just playing a few cheap flying threats. The flying will be important as that gives us evasion but also has synergies with a ton cards in our deck. Specifically, two new cards!

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Watcher of the Spheres is a new two drop that will reduce the cost of our three drop creatures. This means a lot as we can be extra mana efficient and curve out nicely as that means we can play something like Empyrean Eagle while leaving up mana for Spectrail Sailor or playing some other one drop. Not only does it reduce the costs of our creatures, it also grows every time a flying creature enters the battlefield.

How do we protect our threats?

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We can protect our threats with counter magic! Thanks to Core2021, we got a new counterspell that is a Force Spike or Lookout's Dispersal. This feels like what the deck needed as it allows us to easily answer a Cry of the Carnarium or anything else for that matter. We also have a few Neutralize for hard counters. Of course, with this many counterspells and flash creatures, we get stopped in our tracks by Teferi, Time Raveler so be sure to play around that at all points in the game. 

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Rally of Wings is our End-Raze Forerunners. It's painful but sometimes we have to use this as a combat trick or a defensive trick so try not to hold onto this for the kill shot. It's okay to use this at other points like protecting a threat from Stomp or keeping the team alive from a Cry of the Carnarium


The deck went 5-2 with its weakness in the spotlight, pure control. Decks like Azorius control or Temur Reclamation forces us to have a fast start before they get to the late game. Cards like Teferi, Time Raveler have to be answered at all costs so I think we should shave a Negate and add a Brazen Borrower as it helps us get problematic permanents off the board while being a threat itself. I'd also like to add another Sea-Dasher Octopus. The deck is a bit fragile and definitely needs help acquiring more card advantage. I know the card is slow but I think we could try Dovin, Grand Arbiter in the main deck just to generate more bodies each turn. 

Here's an updated list:

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For those that are looking for a best of three version, here's a list.

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As always, thanks for watching and supporting the content. If you want to see the deck in action, I also play all the decks on stream.

 I'll see you out there on the ladder! 

If you ever have a deck you want to be made into a video feel free to leave a like, comment, Email, and subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel 

-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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