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Series TBD: Aluren (Legacy, Magic Online)

As you might already know, I've really been enjoying Legacy and Vintage lately. While I don't have that much time to make new series, if I manage to sneak in a league every now and then, I figure I might as well record and post it for all of you to enjoy as well! As such, we're heading to Legacy today to play one of the most unique combo decks in the format: Aluren. Most eternal combo decks are built around spells, but Aluren is the exception to the rule, being a creature combo deck. The main plan of the deck is to stick our namesake enchantment Aluren to make all of our creatures free, then assemble a loop involving Cavern Harpy to repeatedly bounce and replay cards like Baleful Strix or Shardless Agent and draw most of our deck, and eventually Parasitic Strix to drain our opponent out of the game. How does Legacy Aluren work, and is the deck actually competitive? Let's get to the video and find out!

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Aluren (Legacy)

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