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Rough Drafts: Vintage Cube

Hey everyone, it's time for another edition of Rough Drafts! The holidays means one thing on Magic Online: Vintage Cube! Cube drafting is one of the most fun aspects of Magic Online, and Vintage Cube is by far the most powerful (and in my opinion most fun) of the Magic Online cubes. All of the most powerful cards in Magic's history are in the cube, which allows for ton of extremely powerful plays and degenerate decks like Storm, Reanimator and Stax. Of course, you can play Vintage Cube fairly too with archetypes like Red Deck Wins or White Weenie, but my theory for Vintage cube is you want to try to do the most broken thing possible and hope for the best (while also stopping other broken things, if you can). So let's just in to a draft and see if we can do something busted!

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Vintage Cube: Drafting

Vintage Cube: Round 1

Vintage Cube: Round 2

Vintage Cube: Round 3


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